in partnership with Manu Monasterio

The most important challenge of our group today is to use Artificial Intelligence in order to add value to music and arts.

Holograms: the new technology of a different vision, which estranges from place and time and which makes the human being a step closer to immortality, temporal dislocation and contemporaneous presence.
Music is a fantastic experimentation ground, but any form of art and communication will benefit from it.

In partnership with Manu Monasterio – creator of the 8Ms of the Artificial Intelligence Marketing and president of the Think tank 8Ms of the Barcelona marketing club – we are working on a project based on the application of Artificial Intelligence to music and arts with the aim of creating unique experience.

Atelier C has been a successful example of the application of the 8Ms in arts and music, within the Executive Program 8M’s of Artificial Intelligence Marketing proposed by Eseune Business School, together with Foment of Treball and Georgetown University. In this program we reflected on the winning value generated by the Artificial Intelligence and the collaboration between “robots” and humans.
All this with high-level managers such as: Guido Rosales, former Integrated Marketing Director for Europe at The Coca Cola Company; Montserrat Roca, Director of IBM; Francesc Taxonera, IBM Senior Architect and professor at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC); Ramón Robert, former CEO of Real Club Deportivo Espanyol of Barcelona (LaLiga); Saray Álvarez, International Product Manager at Desigual and former International Product Manager at Inditex; Malena Cutili, Global Marketing and Communications Manager at Nestlé; Weilin Li, worldwide Marketing Director of Baidu (the Chinese Google); Belen Llátser, Demand Planner at Danone; Enric Bayó, head of innovation at ACCIÓ; Rosser Duran, Director of corporate marketing at ISDIN; Amparo Palacín, international Marketing Director of the 5-star Gran Luxe hotel Casa Fuster; Antonio Hermosilla, former Marketing Director of Grupo HUSA and Hotel Barcelo Sants and Director of the Executive Master Programs in Turism at the University Ramón Llull; Laura Lizbeth, Director of the online education at the Faculty of Turism at the University Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB).
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