Atelier C is an interdisciplinary and international project that develops its activity in the fields of culture, art, music, education and innovation.
We bet on creative and innovative proposals, with high educational, social and cultural value.
Our aim is to convey, share and spread culture in its plural forms, at different levels and in various ways.

10 Cs:
Culture Communication Captivation Comprehension
Cooperation Connection Comparison
Change Cognizance Creativity



Matilde Cavalli

CEO & Founder

“Develop interest in life as you see it; the people, things, literature, music – the world is so rich, simply throbbing with rich treasures, beautiful souls and interesting people. Forget yourself.”

I move often, through different interests and countries. Philosophy and anthropology have shaped a loose mind that is not afraid to cross physical and mental boundaries. Photography has modelled my look, urging it to look for beauty. I have lived abroad, accustoming my senses to be solicited by different situations within the United States, South Africa, Spain and Ethiopia.
Theoretical education, an eclectic experience in Italian and Spanish start-ups and galleries, experimental courses of Artificial Intelligence have guided the founding of a growing project: a small Atelier, which has great ambitions in the fields of culture, art, music, education and innovation.
Most of all I am passionate, and therefore curious, proactive, dynamic and creative. I love being in a team and cooperating to solve problems, but I am also autonomous and I am not afraid to go towards goals by myself.



Francesca Leali


I like numbers and letters, and the ways in which they knead to tickle feelings. I have a predominantly humanistic education, which derails from tracks built around scientific notions. I have studied in different places, but I am passionately looking for a home, and I willingly replace the chaotic urban disorder with the peace of an open, green, romantically firm place.
I channeled three years of modern literature into the strategic world of cultural management, focusing in particular on the digital communication sector. I had the opportunity to take care of the expression of jazz associations and theatrical circuits, as well as more scientific and boundless activities in B2B. I like to discover different words, to evoke very old and unprecedented sensations.


Federica Bettoni


I am afraid of the Horror Vacui and of the schizophrenic ways in which it is used to cope. In graphics, I’m for the clean landscapes that breathe, for the symmetries and pastel shades of Wes Anderson. The overabundance suffocates me and I embrace the silences and the voids. During the degree in Architecture, I learned to use the programs that I apply in graphics, not letting any opportunities fall. I sleep everywhere because I like traveling, sometimes very little, other times too long, to recover. I went backpacking for Europe, and when my heart clenches for the immobility of the present, I take my shots back in my hand, which widen my eyes again.